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Clear Mesh Pots

Clear mesh pots are great for tropicals and orchids, allows the roots to grow through the mesh for better breathing and growth. Transparent pots can let you monitor the root growth easily. Raised center helps eliminate stagnant water. 

Suitable for these soil free growing media:  

  • Expanded Clay Pebbles (LECA)
  • Perlite
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Pon

Pot Measurements:

  • Small - Inner diameter 4", outer diameter 4.5", base 3", height 4"
  • Medium - Inner diameter 4.75", outer diameter 5.75", base 3.75", height 5.75"
  • Large - Inner diameter 6.5", outer diameter 7.5", base 4.75", height 6.5"